Kissed the badge and made them cry – Ian Wrong Wrong Wrong

Ian Wright admitted one of the biggest mistakes of his career was kissing the Arsenal badge in front of Crystal Palace fans after they sung songs about him being a Judas. He kissed the badge on three separate occasions but the most painful came on the final day of the 1992-1993 season when his goal helped relegate them…

Wright started his professional career relatively late on after failing to secure a contract with any half decent club until he was 21-years-old, when Palace took a chance on him.

“I do love Palace, it’s the place where it happened for me,” he said last year. In 2006 he donned their shirt again at Selhurst Park in Geoff Thomas’ Testimonial match against Manchester United.

Still, his love for Palace didn’t stop him joining Arsenal after six years with Palace. He became the club’s highest ever goalscorer before Thierry Henry overtook him. He spent seven season with the North London club before joining West Ham when he was 34-years-old for £500,000.

He didn’t kiss West Ham’s badge but a month after leaving Arsenal he scored his first goal, an 84th minute winner, against Sheffield Wednesday, and held his badge up to the travelling West Ham fans.

Ten years later, as a football pundit, Wright was quick to criticise badge kissers.

“When you’ve been a club five minutes and you kiss the badge, you are just mugging yourself off, you mug!” he said. Indeed.

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