Odds on Everton to come 4th this season

Before we look at the odds on Everton coming 4th in the premier league this season it is worth looking at the chances of Everton finishing in the top 4 and the betting odds for the other leading premiership teams. The odds on Manchester United and Manchester City finishing in the top 4 vary from 1/100 to 1/25, and although it is almost a certainty that they will, you need to be careful about choosing the best bookmaker. The next clubs for a top 4 finish are Chelsea at 1/10, Tottenham at 6/5 and Arsenal at 13/10. Next we get to Everton which is currently priced at 5/1 and is marginally ahead of Liverpool at 6/1. Effectively betting on Everton to finish in the top 4 is the same as betting that they will finish in the top 4.

In fact the most likely club to finish in 4th place would seem to be Tottenham, who have come back into form following a poor early part of the season, so what are the odds of Everton finishing in fifth place? Most bookmakers do not offer this as a market so you would need to go to a betting exchange, but most bookmakers do price clubs for a top 6 finish. Here the odds on Everton finishing in the top 6 are quoted as 4/6 on, and you might note that as it is now certain than the leading sides will finish in the leading 6 are not even priced. Chelsea is priced at 1/150, Tottenham at 1/12 and Arsenal at 1/10. These are hardly casino odds, so betting at these prices is hardly likely to win you the jackpot.

If all of this is a little hard to get your head round, then you can still enjoy betting on football without worrying about odds at online casinos such as www.luckynuggetcasino.com/online-slots/. As well as the usual range of casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, this casino is running an exciting football slots game that was developed for the last world cup and is called Soccer Safari slots. It is a football betting slots game with a difference; so why not give it a try. Alternately go for a top fourth place finish for Everton; 5/1 is not a bad price.

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