Mascherano – From Liverpool’s badge to Barcelona

May 11th 2009: “My future is here,” said Mascherano. “I am here and I will continue to give 100 per cent. It will always be like this.”

July 22nd 2009: “Barcelona is the easiest deal to set up as Javier wants to go to Spain,” said Walter Tamer, his agent. “Liverpool refuse to sell, this can be overcome with an extraordinary offer.”

October 30th 2009: “Everyone knows Barcelona were interested in me but that’s in the past now,” said Mascherano. “Liverpool said no and that’s the end of it. Some might say I haven’t been playing well because Barcelona tried to buy me. I agree I haven’t been at my best but it’s not because of that.”

November 30th 2009: Mascherano kisses Liverpool’s badge after scoring against Everton

May 17th 2010: “The situation with Barcelona really affected me,” Mascherano said. “It was a shame it didn’t happen. There were many discussions and problems during that month-and-a-half. They were difficult times for me. One day I was off to Barcelona, the next I wasn’t, and Liverpool said I was non-transferable. Psychologically, it affected me as I couldn’t think in Liverpool and I was focused on other stuff and not on my work, my training and playing.”

June 19th 2010: “Me to Inter? Ask Benitez. He is the one who knows more,” said Mascherano. “I am learning Italian. Does Benitez want me? You should ask him as he would know more than me.”

July 13th 2010: “If it was up to Mascherano, the negotiations with Inter would be very easy,” said Tamer. “But he has a contract with Liverpool and first the two clubs would have to find an agreement before we step in.”

August 23rd 2010: Mascherano refuses to play against Manchester City

August 28th 2010: “The truth is it’s a dream, it’s a great joy and a reason to be proud,” Mascherano told Barca TV with a deal imminent.

August 30th 2010: Mascherano signs for Barcelona

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