Ronaldo with a one off

Cristiano Ronaldo spent six years at Manchester United but it was always clear his end goal was to move to Real Madrid. He was constantly linked with moves away from England, particularly in his last season, but he was always quick to deny it.

“I am happy at the club and I want to stay here,” he said in January 2009. “I feel at home here and I feel very happy here.”

Six months later he was kissing Real Madrid’s badge after being unveiled as their player at the Bernabeu…

Ronaldo never kissed United’s badge but was seen tapping it after scoring in their 3-0 win over Liverpool in 2008 as well as grabbing it after the 4-2 win at Goodison Park over Everton in 2007.

Interestingly enough, since kissing the badge of his dream club at the unveiling, Ronaldo hasn’t done so since, despite scoring a ridiculous 129 goals in 130 games for the Spanish giants. 129 goals and not a single badge kiss? Maybe he doesn’t love them so much after all…

A few months after joining Real Madrid, Ronaldo said: “Of course I miss playing for Manchester United. I played there for six years and that’s a long time. I am still interested in watching Manchester United and, you never know, maybe in the future I could return to play there. It’s always possible. I want to fulfil my contract here but, in the future, only God knows. I miss Manchester United, the boss, the players, because I left family there.”

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