kissedthebadge documents occasions when footballers and managers kiss the badge of their club. Some are serial badge kissers, the Chicharitos and the John Terrys, who just can’t keep their chops off the crest. Then we have those who kissed the badge and made them cry, the Cesc Fabregas sort or Sol Campbells, who make you believe they really love you, only to dump you and kiss the badge of another. Another popular badge kisser is one who likes to do it in the face of their rival fans on derby day just to really stir things up. Then you might have your every day badge kisser who just gets taken in the moment of scoring a goal.

We love badge kissers. We hate them too.

If you like what you see here, try Grabbed The Badge.

One thought on “About

  1. Love this idea!… Can you please put one together for Leeds United’s badge-kissers!… And yeah you’re right we love AND hate ’em!… Maybe though as a Leeds fan real fan-faves win us over by doing the ‘Leeds salute’… If you break our hearts having given us that salute – there’s NO way back!

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