Tottenham Hotspur defender wants to stay… but won’t kiss the badge

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - White Hart LaneBenoît Assou-Ekotto has again spoken out about badge kissers, claiming that loyalty to a club means more than kissing the badge, when you have no intention of staying.

“The reaction persists and, in France, it has been predominantly negative to the point where I find it almost pretentious,” he says, of the country of his birth. “To say that players should not appreciate the context in which they operate is stupid. Football is like a business now. In England, it’s more objective. People are more cool about players earning millions. It’s also not whether they agree with what I say, it’s that there is a respect for the fact I was man enough to say it. I must say, as well, that I have seen quite a few Spurs players kiss the badge and then fuck off. I am still here. What sort of mercenary stays for seven years? There is a part of me now that has a strong bond with the club. I would be quite happy to see out my playing career here, although I know that it’s not my call to make. I have every desire to see out my contractual obligations and, if possible, extend so that I can be here for long enough to play at the new stadium.”

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