Chelsea keeper Cech kissing badge after winning Cup


Chelsea completed the double with their 1-0 win over Portsmouth in the FA Cup final at Wembley in 2010. Petr Cech, who has spent nine years at the club, was seen kissing the badge following the victory.

One thought on “Chelsea keeper Cech kissing badge after winning Cup

  1. i know quite a few pillocks who dont have a badge…they dont even have the shirt to put the badge on, does this stop them making complete nappers of themselves – NO! they havent got a watch between them neither yet anyone within hearing distance hears ‘do you know the time mate, like a busby berkerly staged choreographed routine a ‘simpleton of sleeves’ are above elbows and knowing there is no watch they still look at the bare wrist and..its- ‘almost 9 bells mate’, just past nine i reckon, mines 10 mins slow so i would make it 20 past nine me’…….some dont say a word, but you see them tapping the bare wrist like its a watch but its stopped! even putting to the ear to listen for that swiss tick…..these are the ones who watch britains got talent,x-factor, and wear ramones t-shirts without a clue who the ramones are but seen ‘jodie price’ wearing one so thats the ok….


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