Adriano hates/loves Italy

Adriano went AWOL after a World Cup qualifier from Brazil, with Inter Milan having no idea where their badge kisser had gone. Rumours were rife that he was going to quit football, becoming too depressed to play in Italy, and his contract was cancelled. Then he showed up in Brazil…

“I didn’t do this to try to take advantage,” he said after signing for Flamengo, the club he left Inter for. “I did it from my heart. I took a break to rest a little and get things going in my life again. I am back at home where I grew up and there is nothing better than being here amongst friends and family. I always wanted to return to Flamengo. I didn’t leave because I wasn’t feeling good at the club. I wasn’t feeling good in the country.”

Twelve months later he signed for Roma. Yeh.

“I am glad to be back in Italy and to hold the Roma jersey, which carries so much responsibility,” he said.

Adriano played five games for Roma over seven months before disappearing off to Brazil again and having his contract cancelled again.

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