Serial kisser – Chicharito

Chicharito kissed the badge after scoring in his first game in England for United against Chelsea in the Community Shield, then almost every game since…

Valencia, Stoke, Wolves, West Ham, Everton and Liverpool, among others, have all witnessed Hernandez kissing United’s badge after scoring against them.

One thought on “Serial kisser – Chicharito

  1. This guy could be for real – you’ve seen him kneeling on the half-way line and praying. He’s just a really nice bloke who is living the dream, and wants to do well for his club and his country.
    He’s a natural talent, like Nani and Ronaldo (no not in the Best or Charlton class), but lets make the most him whilst he’s here.
    He could be another heartbreaker, so don’t get too close, but he means it now – so cheer him on guys!

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