Kissed the badge and made them cry – Ian Wrong Wrong Wrong

18 03 2012

Ian Wright admitted one of the biggest mistakes of his career was kissing the Arsenal badge in front of Crystal Palace fans after they sung songs about him being a Judas. He kissed the badge on three separate occasions but the most painful came on the final day of the 1992-1993 season when his goal helped relegate them…

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Lombardo loves London

14 03 1998

Attilio Lombardo joined Crystal Palace from Juventus towards the end of his career. Palace were 10th in the table as it came to the turn of the year when he picked up an injury. By the time he came back from injury in the March, Palace were bottom of the table, but their lowly position didn’t put him off, with him kissing the shirt following a 3-1 defeat to Villa…

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