Lisburn Distrillery still deserves love

29 07 2013


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Badge kissers turning in to Judas

27 07 2013

Imagine this: you’re a striker playing for one of the top European clubs and your team is trailing by a goal against your archrival, whose supporters have been chanting hostile songs at you throughout the game. With two minutes to go, your team has a rare chance to equalize. Your teammate has won a corner. The ball is swung deep into the six-yard box as you are left unmarked. You manage to connect with a fierce header that the goaltender fails to save.

In retaliation, you run toward the opposing fans and have a go at them by kissing your club’s badge.

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From Arsenal badge kisser to Manchester United captain

26 07 2013


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Another new Real Madrid signing showing love

25 07 2013


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Ronaldinho kisses on Brazilian return

23 07 2013


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VIDEO: Badge kissing rant

22 07 2013

Arsenal badge kisser… before he joined City

20 07 2013


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